This is Experimental Software

Leshy Labs LLC creates applications and games that often make use of new and experimental web browser features. Some features are only available in certain browsers and even then sometimes different versions of the same browser behave differently. Over time as the web browser implementations of the features stablize our applications will begin to work better on more platforms and browsers

Our software should all be considered experimental. We hope that it works well for you, but do not rely on any of our applications for anything.

We try to provide quality applications and we hope that they work well for you, but we do not offer any warranty or guarantee of availability, functionality, or support for our applications on Please be see our Legal Notices

If you are not comfortable with the troubleshooting advice then it may be best not to make changes. Browser updates commonly fix issues, and so things are getting better all the time.

General Troubleshooting

  • Try using a recommended browser as described below
  • Try clearing your browser's cache to make sure you have the latest version of our application
  • If you are using Chrome and having problems, it may be worth trying Firefox or vice versa
  • If you are having issues, updating your browser to the latest version may help

Recommended Web Browser

While many browsers will work, most of our applications work best with Google Chrome. Chrome does have issues with audio on some platforms, and in these cases Mozilla FireFox is the recommended alternative.

Performance Issues

Currently Google Chrome seems to run our applications with the best performance.

Audio Issues

Google Chrome can handle most thing well, but sometimes has issues with playing audio consistently. If these issues are encountered we recommend using Mozilla FireFox as an alternative.

Most of our applications use the WAVE audio format which currently does not work in Internet Explorer.

Other Issues

It is impossible for us to keep up with all the different browsers, their versions, and the platforms they run on. Occasionally a major browser will release an update that breaks something notable or only on one platform. We attempt to keep things working in Chrome and Firefox, so please give them a try.

Internet Explorer Support

Up until version 10 Internet Explorer did not behave well enough to work with our applications. Many things are starting to work in IE10, and so the future is a little more promising. As of our last tests, IE10 does not seem to support the WAVE format with <audio> tags, and so applications that use it will be silent. If you must use Internet Explorer please make sure you are using Version 10.

Mobile Support

Most of our work is targeted at desktop web browsers. While some things may run on mobile devices, they generally are not prioritized or well tested.

Other Browsers

Other browser, such as Safari and Opera, are not well supported. On occasion we test them and try to fix issues, but they are not recommended and may not function properly.


If you still are having issues, feel free to let us know at the address contact at Be sure to include notes on which page is giving the problem, a description of what the problem is, any errors outputted by the application, the web browser and version, and the operating system and version.

While we appreciate information on problems, we can not guarantee any fixes will follow a problem report.