Welcome to Leshy Labs

Posted by Doug Haber on 2012-12-23

Welcome to Leshy Labs. For the last few years as the capability of the native features of web browsers grew, I've been experimenting with and exploring the possibilities. From this process a large number of applications and games have resulted. This website is going to be used as a portal for the releases of web applications and games by Leshy Labs.

Currently, most of the projects are developed by myself, along with occasional help from others. My wife, Judy Shimmin Haber used her skills as a graphics designer to create custom artwork, provide styling feedback for the applications, and to create the template for this website. My friend and fellow software engineer, Kyle Hubert has provided occasional patches and features.

A major goal with Leshy Labs is to develop applications and games that I would personally like to use or play. To start, we are releasing Leshy Fractal Explorer, an HTML5 fractal browser with fractal audio and zooming support, and SFMaker, a web-based retro-style sound effects generator, primarily for video games.

We have a large number of projects being worked on and readied for release, so please check back regularly. News regarding updates will be posted on our Facebook page. Short informal updates will be provided on Twitter. This blog will provide news and updates. It also will be used to provide occasional technical articles, most often related to the development of browser-based applications.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the site.

Featured Apps

  • Leshy SpriteSheet Tool
  • Sprite Sheet Packer, Mapper, and Editor
  • Leshy SFMaker
    Sound FX Generator
  • Leshy Tuner
    HTML5 Chromatic Instrument Tuner
  • Leshy Fractal Explorer
    Web Based Fractal Browser
  • Leshy SpriteSheet Animator
    SpriteSheet Animation Manager