About Leshy Labs LLC

The Company

Leshy Labs LLC is a software development company specializing in browser based applications, utilities, and games. The website LeshyLabs.com serves as a portal for the release of our software and services. It also hosts a blog which provides news and updates, as well as occasional technical articles.


Please see our credits page for details on who contributed to this site and what software was used.


All content on this site is copy protected and may not be reproduced, distributed or modified in any form without written permission from Leshy Labs LLC. All software is provided without any warranty or guarantee of functionality or availability. For more details, please see our Legal Notices page.


We make experimental software and often make use of the newer features available in browsers that may not be yet be stable. If you are having trouble getting something on our site working, please see our troubleshooting guide for advice.


If you have any comments or feedback or are interested in licensing or contract work, please send email to the address contact at leshylabs.com.