Updates to Leshy SpriteSheet Tool

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-02-11
A new exporter has been added to Leshy SpriteSheet Tool in order to provide better compatibility with popular tools. The new release also contains some small fixes and cleanups.


Leshy SpriteSheet Tool version 0.8
  • Added a new exporter for JSON-TP-Array
  • Renamed JSON-TP exporter to JSON-TP-Hash
  • Fixed issues with importing JSON-TP files
  • Other small fixes and cleanups

Release Notes

Previous versions of Leshy SpriteSheet Tool supported a format known as "JSON-TP." This was a JSON format that aimed to be compatible with the files created from the popular TexturePacker tool. Many tools and game engines have support for this format, so by allowing it to be imported and exported, it can hopefully make Leshy SpriteSheet Tool more useful.

When I added the original support for the JSON-TP format I searched online for sample files and created an exporter that made similar looking files. I didn't realize it at the time, but TexturePacker had two popular modes for exporting to JSON. The one previously supported stored frames as a hash, where each key was the name of the file. Feedback was provided by user "Sruloart" requesting support for the other format in which the list of frames is an array, and each frame object has a "filename" key.

In order to make this work clearly the JSON-TP format has been renamed JSON-TP-Hash and a new format has been added as JSON-TP-Array. Both formats show up as being available for export, and both may also be used to import a sprite map by dragging and dropping them onto the window.

Some other small cleanups and fixes have been made in this release. This includes a fix for potential issues with importing JSON-TP files. Please report any bugs in the comments below.

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