Leshy SpriteSheet Tool Grid Remap Support

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-05-29
Support for grid based remapping has been added to Leshy SpriteSheet Tool. This makes it possible to break apart and work with sprite sheets that are perfect grids.

Leshy SpriteSheet Tool with Grid Mode
Sprite sheet displayed is Jetrel's 16x16 RPG Items.


Leshy SpriteSheet Tool version 0.8.1
  • Added support for grid based remapping
  • Fixed issues with padding
  • Other small fixes and cleanups

Release Notes

Grid Remap Support

This release introduces support for grid based remapping. A grid remap allows a sprite sheet to be mapped out into a perfect grid of rectangles of the same size. Once mapped out, any of the normal operations may be used to work with the sprite sheet and create sprite maps.

For more detailed information and usage instructions, look here.

Padding Bug Fixes

Several padding related bugs were fixed in this release. This includes the issue where padding wouldn't behave appropriately after a repack.


Some other small cleanups and fixes have been made in this release. Please report any bugs in the comments below.

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