Leshy Labs Update

Posted by Doug Haber on 2022-08-20

Leshy Labs the company is no more. The site will continue on as my personal site and blog. It always was primarily a single-person company. In 2015 I took a new job that greatly altered the amount of free time I had, and so most new development dried up. I had been working at the time on a Rogue-like MMO, but with reduced free time, that was starting to clearly not be viable. In 2020 the company was dissolved.

With this blog post a number of updates have been rolled out to the site. It might not look like much has changed. All the applications, games, and blogs remain. Most of the changes were to remove outdated information and remove references to the old company.

These changes will allow me to continue updating the site and sharing work, and to use this site for whatever I want, since there is no business with the same name.

There are a couple things removed that should help with the privacy aspects of the site. Blog posts no longer have discussion sections. Discussions can be continued on social media, rather than the site itself. I never was very good at responding to people's comments and they brought spam and extra tracking to the site. I also removed the social media links. They were rarely used and over the years somehow started to render badly in modern browsers. A few exceptions may live on for now because integration was built into compiled applications, but I will look into removing that.

While comments and social links are gone, Google Analytics remains. For those that don't like that, it is easily blocked, but from my side it provides nice insights into the usage of the site.

I would love to open source some of the old Leshy tools, but much of it will be difficult. Some systems like Leshy Tuner actually degraded over the years, since the beta APIs used have changed. SFMaker was written before the WebAudioAPI, and it would be great (and probably easy) to migrate that over. Unfortunately, free time is very limited, and so I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on those projects.

And, that's it. Welcome to the new LeshyLabs.com, which currently is strikingly similar to the old.

Featured Apps

  • Leshy SpriteSheet Tool
  • Sprite Sheet Packer, Mapper, and Editor
  • Leshy SFMaker
    Sound FX Generator
  • Leshy Tuner
    HTML5 Chromatic Instrument Tuner
  • Leshy Fractal Explorer
    Web Based Fractal Browser
  • Leshy SpriteSheet Animator
    SpriteSheet Animation Manager