Blog Changes

Posted by Doug Haber on 2013-08-04

Moving forward, our blogging will be broken down into sections. This change is being made so that official Leshy Labs news and announcements can be seen separately from development blogs. Anyone subscribing through RSS may want to update their subscriptions.

For those that want to see everything posted to all sections, that can be found here, or with the RSS feed.

Section Breakdown


There are now two categories for blog posts:

Leshy Labs

This category will contain official news and announcement from Leshy Labs, including anything related to any applications or releases from Leshy Labs.

Section | RSS


This is a more general section for development related blogs, mostly on technical topics. The posts will often be related to the technologies encountered while working on Leshy Labs projects, such as JavaScript and HTML5.

Section | RSS


Two special sections also exist. Posts are made in the above two sections, and the special sections act as filters to make it easier for people to see exactly what they want to see.


This filter shows only important posts, such as information on new releases, large updates, or news. This is the default category.

Section | RSS


All posts from all sections appear here. Use this page and RSS feed if you want to see everything from a single source.

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Featured Apps

  • Leshy SpriteSheet Tool
  • Sprite Sheet Packer, Mapper, and Editor
  • Leshy SFMaker
    Sound FX Generator
  • Leshy Tuner
    HTML5 Chromatic Instrument Tuner
  • Leshy Fractal Explorer
    Web Based Fractal Browser
  • Leshy SpriteSheet Animator
    SpriteSheet Animation Manager