JS1k-Julia-Fractal Browser Explained

Posted by Doug Haber on 2015-08-05
Back in 2013, I made a tiny Julia fractal browser with stripe average coloring support for the JS1k Spring Competition. In this post I will release the code along with some explanations of how it works, and how it was made small enough to fit in 1024 bytes.
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A Few Tries at Running Unity3D on Linux

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-11-04
The Unity3D game engine is a powerful tool that I'd love to make use of, but lack of Linux support for their editor has made it an awkward fit for my environment. Recently, I took a few tries at getting it running on Linux, and I have documented the results here.
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Capturing Linksys Log Events in Linux

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-09-16
Some Linksys routers have options for sending notifications out every time a network connection is initiated. This makes it possible to see what is happening on the local network. I could not find a satisfying tool for viewing this on Linux, so I made one. Read on for the details.
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Amazon Delivery Update - Difficulty Adjustments

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-08-28
A couple of days ago we released an intentionally difficult game jam game that we made last weekend called Amazon Delivery. The constant feedback seemed to be that it was too difficult. The game has now been made easier to play. Read on for some notes on the changes.
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Amazon Delivery Game

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-08-26
Last weekend at HOGJam #5 we created a new game in less than 32 hours. In Amazon Delivery you maneuver a drone carrying a package through the Amazon jungle while avoiding trees, birds, and volcanoes. Read on for some notes on the development of the game.
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A Gallery of JavaScript Projects In Progress

Posted by Doug Haber on 2014-02-14
Over the years I've worked on a lot of JavaScript projects, many of which have not been released. In this article we will walk through a gallery of screenshots of projects that are in progress and discuss some of things I learned while working on them.
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HOGJam Game Releases

Posted by Doug Haber on 2013-12-16
We are releasing our games Freedom Frog and Chicken Attack! from the first two HOGJams. These are relatively unpolished games made in very short periods of time. Read on for some development notes.
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Inaugural Asset Jam Results: CTF Platformer

Posted by Doug Haber on 2013-08-18
A week ago a game jam was proposed where everyone was to use the same artwork to make games over a one period. I decided to make a multiplayer platformer game with capture the flag dynamics. This post will go over the results.
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Making Animated GIFs from the Linux Command Line

Posted by Doug Haber on 2013-08-04
There are a lot of different tools available for making animated GIFs in Linux. This post discusses my approach at converting videos into animated GIFs from the command line in Linux.
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